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Curt Dowdy, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Filmmaker
Curt Dowdy

Curt Dowdy

I’m a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor and executive consultant impassioned to make a difference in the human experience. I offer a free initial consultation to change-making entrepreneurs working to raise the well-being of people, communities or the planet. I bring mindfulness practice to my work, and I enjoy similarly engaging others on a path of deeper purpose. Let’s partner together to co-create, deliver and maximize results.

I’ve delivered successes in multiple venture domains:

  • Technology products, hardware and software
  • Internet-delivered services
  • News, entertainment and educational media
  • Sustainability and social responsibility

My functional experience includes:

  • C-Suite executive management
  • Corporate development
  • Operations management
  • Business development
  • Product management
  • Marketing communications
  • Please contact me to explore how I may assist. Between myself and my network of vetted entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors and service providers you’ll find your strongest match to deliver results in investor-facing, customer-facing or other business-critical scenarios.


I provide executive-level consulting and deliver results in any of these areas:

  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Monetization strategies
  • New business planning & business plan presentations
  • Fundraising
  • Execution planning, implementation & optimization
  • Strategic qualifying & recruiting of founding partners, advisors, key staff, contractors & service providers
  • Corporate development, strategic partnership development & contract negotiation
  • Large-scale project management or program management
  • Product management
  • Business development
  • Marketing communications
  • Organizational development
  • Corporate social responsibility & environmental sustainability


Curt Dowdy

Business Growth Consultant

Most of my clients have come from companies that create technology products, media content or online services, but I’ve delivered results in other industries as well. I’m doubly enthusiastic about any venture with social or environmental responsibility as part of the story. Contact me to explore the fit.

Experienced Executive

During a distinguished career with Hewlett Packard, I directed business strategies, investments, strategic partnerships, product development and marketing across a range of market-leading products and services, which included personal computers, servers, printers and Internet-delivered services. I conceived, staffed and became the P&L responsible business manager for a printer organization that produced $65 million in annual sales with double-digit net profits. I went on to evaluate, spearhead and manage $20 million in investment capital placed with three cloud-pioneering startups that each survived recession and produced successful investor exits.

Matter Network


I co-founded, along with former editors from MacWorld and Wired, an online news syndicate dedicated to the advancement of clean technology news.

Selected by The Reuters Green Business News Service as its largest provider of syndicated content, Matter Network grew to a collaboration of over 100 best-in-class web publishers, posting up to 300 articles per day and reaching over 10 million unique readers per month. Matter’s publisher network consistently topped comScore rankings for the most influential and deeply engaged audiences in their category – readers of eco-conscious technology and business news.

True to the startup experience, I juggled many roles, including raising investment capital as well as architecting, implementing and optimizing the operational vision for the company. Stepping into the COO role, I led business partnerships, contracts, product & technology development, finance, web operations and all aspects of organizational infrastructure, while also simultaneously contributing significantly to business development and closing sales with the company’s largest advertising accounts.

Adventurer & Story Teller

I love taking on big, complex challenges, and I’ve extended that passion to adventure sports and filmmaking as well. I founded the film production company BeLegato Productions, which produced the documentary films High Ambitions in the Himalaya and Chasing Glaciers. You can find my filmography listed in the Internet Movie Database.


Recent Work



As co-founder and CEO, I lead the company in developing e-learning solutions and serving the work of transformative educators advancing wellness and well-being.


Monarch Media

I introduced Monarch Media to prospective training clients in business, education and government segments, and together we innovated new e-learning solutions.


XLR8 Media

I advised this successful e-learning web development agency through growth planning, which resulted in the team joining me in co-founding Interplicity.

The Finer Points of Flying

The Finer Points of Flying

I’m an on-going advisor to the executive team of this company, which is pioneering mobile e-learning for certified flight instruction test preparation.

Local Water

Local Water

I’m an on-going advisor to the executive team of this company, which is developing a patent-pending, Internet-of-things approach to delivering safe drinking water with a reduced carbon footprint.


Hilltromper Media

I’m an on-going advisor to the executive team of this company, which provides regional online media portals focused on outdoor recreation.



In collaboration with ProductOps, I led a team of four consultants and provided market opportunity analysis for a VP establishing a new cloud services product organization.

Audible Magic

Audible Magic

For this audio and video content recognition technology company, I provided product management, business development and marketing communications services toward developing and launching new products in the second-screen mobile and TV device segments.


Box Bike Collective

I provided this designer and builder of custom cargo bikes with marketing consulting and coaching toward international supplier partnership negotiations.

Environmental Graffiti

Environmental Graffiti

I connected this hugely popular UK online publisher with a lucrative technology advertising partnership.

350 Media

350 Media

I recruited new strategic partners for this renewable energy & clean tech-focused online publisher network.

Walk Light Media

Walk Light Media

I recruited new strategic partners for this conscientious consumer-focused online publisher network.






For a free consultation, please contact me via one of the above social media sites. I’m most active on LinkedIn.